Yushin Automation Limited

Our Company Mission Statement

To ensure that our clients always benefit from the best automation technology, fully supported by our experience and expertise.

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To deliver on our promise, we will:    
  • Continually strive for maximum efficiency.
  • Retain an experienced, motivated and well trained staff.
  • Plan ahead in detail to eradicate potential problems.
  • React quickly to deal with issues if they arise.
  • Innovate wherever possible.
  • Remain honest and transparent in all our dealings.
  • Work for the benefit of our clients at all times.

Company History

Founded in 2003, Yushin Automation Limited has grown rapidly to serve the UK, Ireland and most of continental Europe.

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Yushin Network

The extensive Yushin family spreads far and wide across the globe. As a leading manufacturer of production automation robots, Yushin is supported by an equally high quality network of subsidiaries in many locations worldwide.

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Yushin Network

Agents & Distributors

In addition to Yushin’s network of subsidiary companies, a number of highly trusted independent specialist agents and distributors also operate in various regions across the globe.

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Yushin Network