Precision plastic product handling robots

At the forefront of robot development for the industrial sector since 1971. Yushin were the first company to incorporate servo-motor technology into take-out robots, resulting in greater precision and vastly improved take-out times.

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Thanks to intensive research and development efforts, Yushin remains at the cutting edge of automation, as evidenced by the latest HSA servo traverse robots and the TSXA side entry robots. 'Ever lighter, ever faster' was the philosophy of the original founder, Susumu Kotani, and it still holds true today: It's in our DNA.


Servo Traverse Robots

Multi-axis robots for every size of payload

A wide range of CNC controlled high speed accurate servo traverse robots built to support plastic injection moulding machines.

Side Entry Robots

High speed handling for lighter payloads

Yushin's side entry robots offer rapid take out speeds for low weight payloads and are particularly suited to clean room conditions.

Sprue Pickers

Low payload take-out robots

Yushin sprue pickers benefit from a simplified design compared to our other ranges which means they are nimble and very cost effective for the im ...

Servo Swing Arm Robots

High speed servo swing robots

Yushin's varied and extensive product line up includes robots designed and built specifically to support specialist areas of production, such as ...


Intuitive control for talented robots

Advanced robots are of little use without correct control. We realised this a long time ago and so, while we are famous for our robots, a good de ...

Discontinued Robots

Try here for details about superseded models

Thanks to our excellent research and development effort, the Yushin range is subject to contuinual refinement. When models become discontinued we ...