Intuitive control for talented robots

Advanced robots are of little use without correct control. We realised this a long time ago and so, while we are famous for our robots, a good deal of our energy is also expended in creating intelligent controllers that deliver optimal operation. Just as our robot line up is wide-ranging, so too is our choice of controllers. They are the crucial interface between man and machine and must serve both well. At the back end this means sufficient complexity to drive all aspects of the robot.


At the human end, it means an easy-to-use graphical environment that promotes understanding to new and experienced users alike. Importantly, each controller must provide straightforward access to powerful programming, review and test features.



As used with the HOP Five Series

This highly compact, lightweight handheld controller represents the second generation of our long running G-Series and offers a larger high contr ...

E-touch Compact

As used with the YAII Series

The controller of choice for the YAII Series servo traverse robots, the E-touch Compact uses a bright, colourful 7″ touch screen to present ...

E-touch Lite II

As used with the SA and SAII Series

Supplied as standard with all SA and SAII Series servo traverse robots, the E-touch Lite II controller presents you with a full colour graphical ...

E-touch II

As used with RCII, HSA and TSXA

E-touch II is an advanced controller that is used with the RCII Series and also, in its K variant, for the ultra high speed HSA Series. This cont ...

E-touch Web

As used with the RAII and SXA Series

E-touch Web is a network-enhanced controller that is primarily used with the RAII Series servo traverse robots. The E-touch Web is based upon Emb ...