Robot Servicing and Repairs

The key to continued reliability

Reliability is key to any successful production system. Yushin robots are famed not only for their speed and accuracy, but also for their inherent reliability. Such reliability occurs primarily through their design and manufacture, but importantly, it is sustained by effective service schedules.

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Robot Servicing and Repairs

12 month warranty and service guarantee as standard

Our service engineers are here to keep your production line running - always.

All newly purchased Yushin robots include a twelve month warranty and service guarantee as standard. After that period we offer annual and bi-annual servicing plans to suit your installation and production schedule.

Our team of dedicated technical service engineers are available to help with immediate issues over the phone, supported by on-site visits whenever necessary. We maintain a large spare part inventory for all Yushin products to ensure that you are fully supported.Please contact our office for support.