Company History

Yushin Automation: Passionate about automation

There’s something deeply impressive to witness the synchronised ballet of automated production performed by a series of precision robots, all working in perfect harmony. Yushin Automation Limited has been helping to stage such performances since 2003, to the great benefit of our many clients in the UK and across Europe.

As part of the wider Yushin family, headed in Japan by Yushin Prescision Equipment, Co. Ltd, we have direct access to one of the finest ranges of production robots in the world. Yushin Precision Equipment was founded in Kyoto during 1971 and has shown continual growth ever since, with specific emphasis on research and development. Many breakthroughs have been achieved over the intervening period, such as being the first to use servo motors to drive robots in order to achieve amazing new levels of speed and accuracy.

In the UK, our progress has been rapid, requiring a doubling of the size of our premises and becoming the official supplier to over fourteen countries across Europe. The role of Yushin Automation Limited is not limited to supplying and servicing Yushin products. Managed and staffed by expert automation engineers, we are able to design and produce solutions ranging from custom end of arm tooling to complete integrated production floors.

Our extended headquarter premises now allow us to keep a continual stock of production robots for immediate delivery as well as an impressive array of spare parts that alone exceeds £1 million in value.

Automation is our passion, that’s why we put it in our name.

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