Custom Designed End-Of-Arm Tool


Custom Designed End-Of-Arm Tool Tested and proven support for picking virtually anything End-of-arm tools require accuracy, repeat-ability and durability, and they have to be easy to maintain and optimally designed to be lightweight so as to attain fast speeds. Yushin has taken out virtually [...]

Insert Workpiece Feeder


Insert Work-piece Feeder Automated feeding of work-piece for insert molding Insert molding operations can be automated by building a system comprised of an insert work-piece feeder, take-out robot and stocker. By using just a single take-out robot to prepare inserts, place them in molds, and extract and [...]

Gate Cut System


Gate Cut System Well-rounded lineup from stocking to simple types Yushin’s wide lineup includes models for cutting gates of light guides and lenses of various sizes. Easy to operate, these systems can safely and repeatedly cut gates of diverse type to a high degree [...]

Assembly Automation


Assembly Automation Automating the series of post-take-out operations After a take-out robot picks a petri dish or other plastic product from the molding machine, this system assembles, stacks and packages the product automatically. It can be designed for working with multiple cavity molds, as [...]



YC/YCⅡ: Standard Take-out Robots Optimum design robots YC/YCII series Optimally designed through joint research with Kyoto University Optimum Design is what Yushin calls its use of CAE (Computer—Aided Engineering) to determine the theoretically best configuration of a robot based on its mechanisms and [...]



RBⅡ: High-End Take-out Robots Stable take-out of ultra-large molded articles The RBII automates operations for taking out automotive parts, housing equipment parts and other large molded articles from ultra-large molding machines. Thanks to its good mechanical rigidity, it stably takes out heavy products from [...]



RC/RCⅡ: High-End Take-out Robots Wide variations that deliver “speed”, “reliability” and “savings” The RC and RCII were developed as high-end take-out robots on the basic concepts of “speed”, “reliability” and “savings”. Both come with the functionally versatile E-Touch II Controller as a standard feature. [...]



PAⅡ: Palletising robot All the knowledge of the world’s top take-out robots built into a palletising robot Yushin has funneled its vast record of improving molded part take-out robots and added software applications that pursue the ultimate extreme in usability to automate palletising [...]



RBⅡ-HS: High-Speed Take-out Robots High-speed stable take-out of ultra-large molded articles The take-out robots of the RB-II-HS series enhance the production efficiency of large molded articles like automotive, home appliance and housing parts, by stably and steadily taking out molded parts at high speed [...]



HST: High-Speed Take-out Robots Improved productivity via high speed + vibration control HST robots bring to the table the tools and means for improving productivity in the form of high-speed operation and thorough vibration controls. Higher speeds have been achieved by employing Optimum Design [...]

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